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Birthday flowers Italy

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When it comes to birthday greetings you want to seek a special gift. Flower arrangement would make a great gift for a birthday. Whenever need you send some flowers for a birthday in Italy you want to make sure the flowers in the arrangement are of high quality, fresh and beautiful. You can always be assured in receiving best service from our premium florists in Italy. See the 'Flowers' section of the web site to find perfect bouquet for a birthday. Sending flowers for someone's birthday in Italy is a way to show your love and appreciation.

You will find selection of flower arrangements and bouquets for him and for her to give on a birthday. Just imagine anticipation growth by the moment girl knows she should be expecting flower delivery to her doors on a birthday. Imagine surprise in his eyes when he discovers flower delivery waiting for him at the office.

It is appropriate to give flowers on a birthday both for men and women of any age and social status. You can send flowers to your grandmother's birthday, to celebrate birthday of your sister's baby, send flower gift to your business partner or a colleague's birthday, send flowers to your girlfriend or a boyfriend who is away at the moment etc..

You may want to consider flower meaning before you would send flowers to Italy on someone's birthday.

Roses should be reserved for someone you have romantic feelings to. Red roses signify love, romance, affection, passion and are the best choice to give to your lover to speak of your feelings. Though white roses can be a good idea to give to your relatives and friends. Pink roses are best selection for a young woman and to hint on your romantic feelings. Yellow roses are neutral and safe, can be given to men and women with no harm. Premium florists in Italy always have freshest roses at their flower shops.

Gerbera is a symbol of a friendship, flirt, liking, cheering up and a smile. You may want to give this flower to your friend, colleague, secret crush, boss or your teacher. Both cut flower and a plant in a pot is great for sending as a birthday gift to your friends in Italy.

Orchids. Variety of hybrids on the market make it a perfect gift for anyone. Orchids don't have deep romantic meaning as roses, so they are fine to give to a person related to you on any level from a co-worker to your grandma. Most of the species are easy to care of and keep at home. Cut stems of orchids arranged with a style will make a very splendid and exotic gift to send to your friends or beloved Italy.

Lilies in different cultures symbolize hope, purity, mercy, devotion and peace. White lilies are for purity and innocence, while red lilies mean wealth and pride. Lilies look best in mixed flower arrangements. Be aware of strong smell some lilies exhale, that can be a problem for allergic people. Lily is a national flower of Italy, so you can always be sure this flower is available in local flower stores at any Italian florist shop. 

Chrysanthemums. Lovely daisy mums are perfect for young women. Daisy Chrysanthemums are true expression of youth, romanticism, joy and happiness. You can find chrysanthemums in our flower catalogue. Bring joy with flower birthday gift arranged in bright and vivid colours.

A great option is also to send cakes in Italy, we can help you with that.

Birthday flowers Italy

Sending flowers to Italy on a birthday has never been as easy. Our online service is happy to assist you in flower and gift delivery and send flowers with best florists and flower shops in Italy. With our web service you can send flowers to RomeMilanRiminiPadovaTriesteNaples, Turin and many other cities and towns in all Italy.

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