Facts about flowers.

Posted by Flower delivery italy specialist on 8th May 2016

Here are some of amazing flower facts you maybe didn't know.

1. Sunflowers

Did you know that sunflowers track the sun? Heliotropism, or solar tracking is a sunflower behaviour you can watch. Buds and blooms of sunflowers will be tracking the sun from the east to the west from the sunrise to the sunset.

2. Roses

Flower with a great number of symbolic meanings, best selling flower in the world, No1 flower choice for Valentine's Day, birthday, wedding, anniversary, to say 'I love you', the flower used in cosmetics and foods industries, most popular flower in literature and songs - her majesty Rose.

Send dozen red roses to say 'be mine" or show your love, affection and appreciation 

3. Tulips

Tulips Mania is a period in the history when the flowers costed just as much as a gold! The flower became very expensive and was used as a trade currency. The world's biggest tulip grower is the Netherlands.

4. Lilies

Lily flower is in top of the most popular flowers in the world. Beautiful and fragrant it will leave you breathless. Lilies varies in types, but Stargazer lily is the most common type. Lily is the national flower of Italy.

White lily is a symbol of purity.

5. Carnations

Botanical term for carnations 'Dianthus caryophyllus' means 'Flower of the Gods'. Carnation is the best choice to send if the person is allergic to flowers. It produces the less of pollen so you won't sense any inconveniences until you literary stick your nose inside the bloom.

6. Gerberas

Gerbera flower head isn't a single flower, it consists of many small flowers making the flower head we used to know.Gerbera is the top 5 of the best selling flowers after roses, carnations, chrysanthemums.

Gerberas come in variety of colours.

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