Send Flowers as a Wedding Gift

Posted by Flower delivery specialist on 14th Jun 2016

Once you may be finding yourself in a seek of appropriate gift for your friends or family members who are going to have wedding celebration in Italy. Flowers is a life and time saving gift for anyone's wedding. We've gathered some tips for you to help you find perfect flower wedding gift.

Why flowers make a great wedding gift?

It's a nice way to congratulate newly married couple, their parents and family members with this happy life event, by sending fresh flowers on a wedding day. You may want to send flowers to their home, to a restaurant where the wedding celebration will take it's place, to a hotel where newly weds or their family would stay.

Tips for choosing flowers to send on a wedding in Italy

Traditionally, light and pastel colours used in wedding bouquets and flower arrangements. You should also consider that bride and groom may not have any additional vases for arriving flowers, so best order arrangement in a vase, container or flower basket. Potted flower, e.g. white orchid with long stems, may be a good choice as a wedding gift in Italy. If the newly weds are of Italian descent do not send chrysanthemums as a wedding flower gift, as in Italy it's associated with mourning and funerals. Roses, lilies, eustomas, carnations, orchids etc. make nice wedding gift in an arrangement.

When you can't attend the wedding.

You may be unable to attend the wedding. Don't get upset, you can always send flowers on a wedding in Italy through online service 'Flowers Italy'. We promise premium florists arrange flower and gift delivery on a wedding day in any location in Italy.

When to send flowers for a wedding?

You may want to have a clue about the place where wedding ceremony and after ceremony party will be held. To make sure your flower gift will be appreciated and noticed, you may want to send it a day before or a day after the wedding. In case you want it to be delivered on a wedding day try to find out if flowers can be delivered to a church. It may be a better choice to deliver flowers to home or a restaurant. If celebrations will be held in an open air format always ask florist for a flower arrangement that comes with a container or a vase.

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