Best plants to keep at home

Posted by Flower delivery italy specialist on 20th May 2016

There are many indoor plants which you can use for decorative purpose but there are also plants that help you purifying air from dust and pollutions, moisturising the air, repel insects and even heal.


Orchids are great for your bedroom giving off the oxygen at night. They will also help you keeping the air more moist as long as you care properly and water them regurlary. You may want to have more orchids after renovating the room, as orchids tend to absorb xylene, a toxin which can be found in paints and glues.

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Peace lilies are great for indoors. Easy to care for, this plant won't die after you bring it home. It survives in shades, gives nice white flowers and cleans the air from ammonia, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, xylene and some other toxic pollutants.

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Rubber tree

This plant is good to keep in office. It tolerates low light, though will grow slower. It's also great for purifying the air from formaldehyde, which is found in the glue for furniture. Wide leaves of the Rubber tree provide better air moisturising and absorb pollutants. Make sure to clean the leaves with wet sponge often.


We love this exotic home plant for it's big green leaves and pigmented flowers. Just another great plant for your home decoration that will suck up toxic xylene, formaldehyde, toluene, ammonia.

Aloe Vera

Best choice for your home. It cleans up the air from those toxic pollutants and also kills bacteria micro organisms in the area of few metres around the pot stands. This plant can be used to heal sunburns and for skin care purpose.


One should be concerned this plant is very toxic, so keep it away from little children and pets, though its air cleansing qualities prevail. We love this plant for beautiful leaves as well as purifying abilities.

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