New House Plants In Our Plants Collection. Send Plants to Italy.

Posted by Flower delivery specialist on 29th Aug 2016

Send plants and potted plants gift basket arrangements in Italy. See our available for delivery anywhere in Italy on the web site. Now you can send even more of house and indoor plants as we update Plants section of the web site.

Find new potted plants you can send to Italy for a birthday, housewarming, thank you or any other occasion.

Bromeliad is good for your home and office environment. Do not over water Bromeliad, make sure roots are well drained between each watering. It doesn't need much light, keep it off the direct sun light. Colourful Bromeliad suits any interior. It's good to send it as an alternative to potted Orchid plant.

Croton is a tropical plant and likes high humidity. Croton won't like to be moved. If you move it to a new place it may loose leaves. Don't panic, just give it a proper care and it will reward you with growing new leaves. Croton is popular potted plant gift to send to Italy.

Garden Basket arranged of a green plants mix to have your own home garden. Garden basket may include maidenhair, Boston fern, blooming colourful kalanchoe and hypoestes. Create your personal little garden at office. Suits best to send to your colleagues, co-workers and mates in Italy.

Spring Mixed Basket includes mix of potted house plants. Make your home bloom with african violets, vivid begonias, hot pink kalanchoe and charming polka dot plant. Spring Mixed basket is a perfect gift to send to your friend's home in Italy! Our Italian florist will deliver best of his flower shop's selection to guarantee smiles on receiver's face!

Send potted plants to Italy. Available for delivery: Bromeliad, Croton, Dieffenbachia, Spathiphillum, Garden basket,Hydrangea, Pink Orchid, Spring Mixed basket. Can be delivered in any city of Italy within 24 hours after order.