The Beautiful Language of Flowers

Posted by Nicolas on 2nd Jun 2016

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If you are thinking about getting flowers for someone, let me tell you something first. It’s quite simple actually – you cannot go wrong with flowers, since they will always remain a wonderful gift. But if that is the case, it wouldn’t hurt you to think about it and get the right type of flower for the occasion, or the one the person you’re giving it to likes the most.

But what do I mean by that? I mean that many flowers represent something specific, or better said, flowers are symbolic. Each flower represents a certain feeling, or something along those lines. It’s not that every flower in the world has its own meaning, but plenty of them actually do. That’s what I wanted to talk to you about. It could help you in the long run or at least you could learn something interesting, if you don’t already know it that is.

The many symbols flowers hold

First of all, one of the most beautiful flowers in the world – the orchid – symbolizes refined beauty. Also, daisies mean beauty in a way, as well, but they are more connected with innocence, purity, and everything that is good. Shakespeare knew this and so should you.

There are flowers which can mean several things, mostly because they come in different colours. For example violets – a blue violet can mean faithfulness, whilst a white violet would signify modesty.

With tulips, it’s a bit different, since they come in several colours, but all mean love, only a specific kind of love. Red is for undying love, yellow for hopeless love, and so on. Lilies usually mean purity, but if they are orange, they denote passion, desire. Poppies in general mean imagination, but they come in different colours as well and thus, each signifies a different thing.


One of the most popular flowers – the rose – signifies a lot of things. This seems logical due to the popularity of roses. The red rose means love (most of us know that), but maybe you don’t know that it actually means true love, not just any kind love. It is said that this is where one of the bloodiest civil wars – the War of the Roses in England – gets its name from.

The good thing here is that the red and the white rose symbolize unity, togetherness (it’s good because the two dynasties that fought in the war had a red and a white rose for their symbols). There are plenty of rose colours, but I will list only a few: a pink rose means grace, a yellow one means friendship, a thornless rose signifies love at first sight, and a black rose would signify death – we can all guess why. Send flowers Italy.