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Send Red Roses In Italy

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You can't find any flower more popular in the world than a rose. Most loved flower in Italy is a red rose. Every flower shop in Italy has variety of roses for you to choose colour that is the most suitable to occasion you want to give flower gift. Red rose is for love, passion and romance, pink rose is for gratitude and appreciation, white rose is for purity and new beginning or marriage, yellow rose is for a friendship, but it also means jealousy, blue rose means mystery.

Number of roses in the bouquet in Italy has a meaning too. 12 red roses may mean you want to stay with that special one forever or want a marriage.

You can send red roses to Italy online directly from our web site! You may want to send a single red rose to tell someone "you are the one" or to send one red rose as a little gesture of thinking of you gift. Send 3 red roses in Italy to tell someone "I love you". Send 6 red roses in Italy to tell you miss and love your special one, tell about need to be loved and cherished. Send 24 red roses in Italy to tell you are thinking about them 24 hours a day, they are always on your mind.

Red rose is the first choice on a Valentine's Day in Italy. You can send roses in Italy on a birthday, anniversary, marriage, funeral and other occasions. Our premium florists promise to make your experience of gift giving unforgettable!

Send flowers to Italy with FlowersItaly.com

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